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Singapore Transport Guide Made Easy

Singapore has one of the most efficient transport systems that can connect you to every corner of the country fast. However getting around Singapore during busy office hours, holiday seasons and during rainy days can be frustrating and the most stressful experienced.

In this article, we will help and guide travellers how to make your Singapore vacations a happy and memorable one. Avoid queuing and waiting at taxi stands for hours just to get from one point to another, wasting precious time and make your vacations more stressful and feeling bad at the end of your travel.

You can travel around Singapore in any forms of transportations i.e by bus, taxis, trains or private transports to anywhere without problems if you follow the following tips. How not to get caught in the peak hour’s heavy traffic? It’s very easy. Know the peak hour timings, which forms of transports you are going to take and plan early.

By train 

The extensive rail network of the MRT (mass rapid transit) system is easily accessible to the city areas and most of Singapore’s key attractions are within walking distance from an MRT station. The MRT trains and stations are wheelchair and strollers’ friendly.

You can buy single-trip tickets in any train stations for a single ride at any time. If you travel regularly you can buy a Singapore Tourist Pass, a special EZ-Link stored-value card which will allow you unlimited travel for one day (S$10), two days (S$16) or three days (S$20). The cards can be bought at the TransitLink Ticket Office at the following MRT stations: Changi Airport, Orchard, Chinatown, City Hall, Raffles Place, Ang Mo Kio, Harbourfront , Bugis, Lavender and Bayfront.

By bus

The most economical way of getting around is by bus. The bus system cover most places in Singapore. In addition, all buses in Singapore have air-conditioning, clean and well-maintained providing you with a reasonably comfortable ride.

You can pay the bus fare in 3 ways; in cash, by tapping EZ-link stored-value card or the Singapore Tourist Pass. However, paying in cash you need to have exact change ready.

By taxi

Cabs are another means of comfortable transportations, especially to locations not accessible by the bus and train. Taxis here are well and strictly regulated and all are metred ONLY, but there may be surcharges depending on when, where and which company’s taxi you board. You can hail a taxi by the roadside at most places, but avoid bus stops and bus lanes when hailing for cabs as these areas are monitored by cameras and traffic enforcement officers to fine drivers for stopping to pick up or alighting passengers. You can also get taxis by queuing for one at taxi stands found at all hotels’ lobby, tourist attractions and most shopping malls. The best way is by calling a common taxi booking number, 6-DIAL CAB (6342-5222), and your call will be routed to an available taxi company’s call centre. Most ideal and convenient way is by making a current or advance booking to avoid queuing.

By private car ride-sharing apps

You can also travel comfortably by ride-sharing company run by Uber and Grabtaxi. Booking one through their booking apps is a breeze and has become a popular alternative to taxis. The fares are generally cheaper than taxis; however the fare will increase during surge periods and peak hours. You can estimate the fare before confirming bookings through their ‘estimate fare’ features within the apps. The apps can be downloaded through google play store or apple itunes. Paying for Uber is through credit cards only but Grabtaxi accepts both the cash and credit cards payments.

By private maxi cab minibus booking service

Maxi Cab Singapore and Mini Bus Charter is a private Singapore transport company

that offer you convenient and practical transport arrangement for travelling in groups or family members and friends who prefer to travel and enjoy travelling together in one vehicle. Hiring the 6 passengers MPV, 7-seater maxi cab or 13 passengers’ minibus would be the most affordable and reliable way to get around Singapore without difficulties.

Choosing a maxi cab or minibus transportation services whenever you travel to a new country or a city on vacation is not as simple as you think unless you know how. Travellers not used to travelling with larger groups of people, and those with a tight budget will find this transport arrangement a better alternative.

You can book a maxi cab Singapore large taxi or charter a minibus through their hotline number or visit the website at

We hope this article on Singapore Transport System guide will be valuable to readers. Suggestions and comments are welcome, so we can improve future post.

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