Maxi Cab Singapore Booking Services For Larger Group

Maxi Cab Singapore Booking Services

We specialize in airport transfers, hourly and daily charter, any events, weddings, meetings, transfers to Malaysia and more. Our maxi cabs are able to accommodate  5 To 7 passengers with luggage.

that it will still be worth the money for people traveling in larger groups, from one end of Singapore to another.

Our customers not only includes local residents but also business people and of course tourists traveling in larger group. We undertake a very large amount of specialized work too, such as servicing special events. In addition the company undertakes contract work for all levels of government, private clients and the health sector. 

Maxi Cab Singapore Bookings
Maxi Cab Singapore

Very often we are the first people visitors see when they get off the plane. Our drivers are asked for hotel recommendations and restaurants and what to see while they’re here. They also rely on us to get them safely to where they want to go. So our drivers have an important role as ambassadors for our tourism industry and that is part of our driver’s training.

The quest to gain ridership amongst taxi operators seems like a balancing act to appease both drivers and passengers, whilst also competing with the private hire car industry. One position that many don’t envy to be in.

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Call/SMS Us : +65 9150 1948

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